Michelle Shocked Showed Up to a Canceled Gig to Protest

It’s been almost two weeks since Michelle Shocked’s infamous anti-gay rant. After some erratic behavior, including a bizarre interview and a bizarrely skipped interview, there’s been radio silence. That changed yesterday when she tweeted: “Moe’s in S Cruz tonight ok? Its an art project ‘My Summer Vacation’”. It appears, Shocked showed up at the venue she would’ve been performing at, if they hadn’t canceled after her rant. Wearing all white, including a white sack she cut a hole in and put tape over the mouth, she played guitar and communicated to people on an Etch-A-Sketch. It was meant to be a protest. Watch videos of her below. It’s clear that things are getting worse, and we hope she finds help and/or peace.

Michelle Shocked Showed Up to a Canceled Gig