Mindy Kaling Is Writing a Second Book and Will Appear in the ‘Office’ Finale

At a panel featuring the cast and crew of The Mindy Project at Los Angeles’s PaleyFest this weekend, star/creator Mindy Kaling revealed she’s working on her second book. Kaling says the untitled non-fiction book will cover “the high highs and low lows of the past 18 months,” which she spent leaving her job of 8 years at The Office to star in her own ratings-challenged but successful series on Fox. She expects the book to be out in late 2014. When asked about The Office’s hour-long series finale, which is set to air May 16th, Kaling confirmed she’ll be appearing in the episode. “It’s really exciting,” she told the audience at the event. “I’ve just read the pages, and it’s a really amazing episode of television.” Kaling most recently appeared on The Office during the season premiere along with fellow departed cast member BJ Novak. Novak is expected to appear in the finale too, which will probably just be an hour of the characters talking about how much they miss Michael Scott.

Mindy Kaling Is Writing a Second Book and Will Appear […]