Mitch Hurwitz Is Confident the ‘Arrested Development’ Movie Will Happen

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz and stars Will Arnett and Jeffrey Tambor did a panel at South by Southwest this weekend in which they discussed the Arrested Development movie that this upcoming 14-episode Netflix season is leading up to. Despite the fact that no movie deal is in place and the script hasn’t been written, Hurwitz says he expects that the gang will be able to get the movie made. “I’m confident that we will succeed at that,” Hurwitz predicted, with Arnett adding, “There is a bigger story out there that does exist.” He explained further:

“We have nothing else right now. Here’s what we have: we have the whole story. The whole thing evolved because we wanted to do a movie and we had too much information for a movie, and suddenly because time had elapsed, what became interesting was where these characters had been, as opposed to just continuing the story. So to focus on where each character had been, which I thought would be fun for the audience to see, you’d have to give them three, four minutes of the movie, you’re halfway through the movie before you got through all the characters … What we don’t have is a movie deal. Know anybody?”

When discussing the fact that the movie hasn’t yet been greenlit, Will Arnett observed, “People are already mad, and they haven’t even seen this.” Hopefully, these guys can convince the movie executives who have a say in these things to give the Arrested Development film a go-ahead to finish telling the story these new episodes set up - that is, assuming that these new episodes aren’t terrible.

Mitch Hurwitz Is Confident the ‘Arrested Development’ […]