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Last Night on Late Night: More Kim Jong-un Gibberish With Dennis Rodman

Last night on The Tonight Show, Dennis Rodman babbled more gibberish about his recent visit to North Korea, which really “is just like any other country.” “We’ve got the same thing [poverty] here,” he explained to Jay Leno. As for Kim Jong-un’s mysterious daughter, mum was the word this time. “I don’t think [Ri Sol-ju] said anything the whole time.” And Kim Jong-un? He’s really just a misunderstood kid. Because “once you get to meet him one on one, personally, he’s an alright guy.” Just like Hitler, right, Rodman? Kudos to Leno for calling him out. Plus: Selena Gomez and Jimmy Fallon performed a sweet duet cover of the YouTube hit, “Mario Kart Love Song.” “You’ll be my Toad and I’ll be your Peach. I’ll follow behind you on Copa Beach. I may take a shortcut but I’ll never cheat,” Selena promised — and without a single mention of Justin Bieber. Also, Spring Breakers co-star Vanessa Hudgens bemoaned the impossibility of getting to know the real James Franco; and Steve Carell did a magic trick. Sort of. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

More Kim Jong-un Gibberish With Dennis Rodman