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Elisabeth Moss, Mark Duplass, and Ted Danson Will Co-Star in The One I Love

Photo: Getty Images

Deadline reports that Elisabeth Moss, Mark Duplass, and Ted Danson have signed on to star in The One I Love. Moss and Duplass will play a young couple (we can totally see it), and Danson their marriage counselor. It will be the directorial debut of Charlie McDowell, who, beyond being Rooney Mara’s boyfriend, is also Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen’s son, and thus Danson’s stepson. He is also known for his “Dear Girls Above Me” tweets, which are being turned into a book. Not sure if this qualifies him, but, regardless, with that cast it might be hard for him to mess it up.

Moss, Duplass, Danson Will Co-Star in a Movie