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Last Night on Late Night: Nick Offerman Break-danced and Clucked The Lumineers’ ‘Ho Hey’

Last night on Late Night, Nick Offerman popped, locked, and clucked like a chicken. He was recounting his days in a rap group — he was named Tick Tock; his friend, Flip Flop — and they would write rhymes about the thug life Minooka, IL bears. “Was this like a Footloose thing?,” asked Jimmy Fallon. “You would go in the cornfield and break-dance?” “No,” Offerman rebutted. “That’s where we would work up our kick-ass routines.” Duh. And earlier in the show, he reprised his musicianship as a clucker in the Chickeneers’ rendition of “Ho Hey.” Plus: Kim Kardashian is having a “painful” pregnancy, and doesn’t foresee a broadcast of her baby’s birth — but no promises on that — and Imagine Dragons performed “Radioactive.” But not in chicken costumes. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Nick Offerman Break-danced and Clucked a Song