Rob Delaney, Megan Amram, and a Fake Prince Account Top ‘Time’ Magazine’s 140 Best Twitter Feeds List

TIME magazine released a list of “The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2013” this week, and a lot of comedians made it in this time around. The list features an entire comedy category and also a ton of boring non-comedy categories like “science” and “art.” Amongst those who made the comedy portion of the list are Mayor of Twitter Rob Delaney, SNL writer Chris Kelly, Parks and Rec writers Chelsea Peretti and Megan Amram, and Jake Fogelnest’s fake account for the musician Prince. Folks like Portlandia’s Carrie Brownstein, Lena Dunham, and Apatow spawn Maude made it in under the “Celebrities” category, while stand-up and Parks and Rec star Retta is baffingly listed under “Culture Critics.” TIME’s Twitter list last year featured accounts like Steve Martin, John Hodgman, and The Onion, but The Onion’s Twitter account is absent from the 2013 list for some reason.

Hit the jump for a list of all the comedy people on TIME’s Twitter list:



Rob Delaney

Josh Hara

Chris Kelly


Chelsea Peretti


Seinfeld Today

Megan Amram

“Culture Critics”



Maude Apatow

Carrie Brownstein

Lena Dunham

Rashida Jones

Anna Kendrick

Questo of The Roots

Rob Delaney, Megan Amram, and a Fake Prince Account […]