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Last Night on Late Night: Selena Gomez Dissed Justin Bieber

Last night on The Late Show’s interview with Selena Gomez, David Letterman made a crack at how he had once made Justin Bieber cry, and his Spring Breakers bad girl who’s through with her case of Bieber fever, aptly chimed in, “Well, then, that makes two of us.” Oooh, breakups can be so ugly. Plus: On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jennifer Love Hewitt asserted that she “did not” say that she’d insure her breasts, and recounted how the USA Today interview actually went: “[The reporter was] like, ‘Would you insure the ladies?’ And I said, ‘No, I’m not gonna, you know … And they were like, ‘Well, how much would you do it for if you did?’ And I just threw out a number, trying to get them to move on.” So, you see, it was all an affair blown out of proportion. Also, Morgan Freeman called Jay Leno “Dave”; and Nicolas Cage would be open to doing a musical.  Les Misérables 2? He did flex his pipes for Wild at Heart. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Selena Gomez Dissed Justin Bieber