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What We Now Know About Sherlock’s Season-Three Premiere

Photo: Colin Hutton/Hartswood Films

Just a week ago, we learned that Sherlock finally started production on the first episode of its third season. Well now, via a tweet from the show’s co-creator/Mycroft Mark Gatiss, we know the episode’s title: “The Empty Hearse.” This is a play on the Sherlock book The Adventure of the Empty House, which Gatiss had previously mentioned would be the basis for the season’s premiere. Which makes sense since Empty House tells the story of Sherlock “coming back from the dead,” if you will. It also marks the debut of major Sherlock nemesis Sebastian Moran — as you know, he was in the market for a new one. It’s hard to know how much Sherlock will stick with the source material, but we do know it’ll probably be the best.

Sherlock Season 3 Premiere Gets Title and Deets