Shia LaBeouf Is Either Very Mature or Totally Screwing With the Orphans Cast

Actor Shia LaBeouf arrives at the premiere of The Weinstein Company's
Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

If Orphans does not immediately ring a bell, then maybe you’ll remember it as “the play that Shia LaBeouf quit because he and Alec Baldwin couldn’t get along.” Yes, that one! So, to the story: Orphans began previews last night — with Ben Foster as a replacement for Shia — and guess who was spotted in the front row. Shia LaBeouf, who apparently “leapt to his feet before any other audience member to give a standing ovation at the end.” The New York Times reports that Alec Baldwin seemed to notice Shia from the stage and “fixed on him for a beat”; a spokeswoman for Orphans said LaBeouf “did not formally alert the production team that he would be attending.” And now Shia is retweeting all of the various news reports that noted his presence (though he didn’t give a comment to the Times). So is Shia trying to be a good guy and put all of the plagiarized e-mail nonsense behind him? Or is he just totally fucking with Baldwin? We would like to give him credit for both, if that’s allowed.

Shia LaBeouf Is Very Supportive of Orphans