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Vote Now in Our Sitcom Smackdown Readers Bracket Finals

With The Simpsons’ surprising/unsurprising (depending on the person) win today, our Sitcom Smackdown bracket has come to a close. However, it’s not totally over yet, as you, the readers, still need to pick your champ. All along we’ve been holding a ghost bracket on our Facebook page. Though there’s been a lot of agreement, there have been some divergences, like Friends making it to the final four. The result is a final two that includes our champion The Simpsons and Arrested Development, which, unlike on our site, beat Cheers in the second round. It’s a tough match-up, as both for a certain period of time represented the sitcom-nerds’ sitcom. And in many ways, Arrested Development followed in The Simpsons’ irreverent, dense, quick, revolutionary, dysfunctional-family sitcom footsteps. So head over to and comment in the Readers Bracket post. It won’t make us amend our bracket if Arrested Development wins, but it will make us feel like squares.

Sitcom Smackdown Readers Bracket Finals: Vote!