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Can You Tell Which Paul Rudd Is Older? (We Doubt It)

Photo: Vulture/Getty Images

This quiz originally ran in March 2013.

Today, April 6, 2019, Paul Rudd turns 50 years old. 50!? You exclaim to yourself. He doesn’t look a day over 12! Okay, relax. He doesn’t look 12. Come on. That doesn’t make sense. That said, he sure doesn’t look 50 either. For comparison, this is what George Washington looked like at 50. No, Paul Rudd looks like he’s in his mid to late 30s. In fact, Paul Rudd has looked like he was 36 ever since he was 26, playing 19. It is the secret to the cliché and the secret to this quiz (which we first published six years ago, before the release of Admission) that he doesn’t age. So, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our friend Paul Rudd’s birth, we have updated the quiz one final time. Without further ado, join us in a round of, uh, Pauls.

In the following quiz, you’ll see 20 pairings of pictures of Rudd at different ages — some are 4 years apart, some are 11, some are somewhere in between — and you have to guess in which of the two he is older. (To make things tricky we have taken away any clothing that might provide year-specific fashion clues!) Right or wrong, the year the photo was taken will come up to show you exactly how ageless he is. Good luck!

Can You Tell Which Paul Rudd Is Older?