The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Fantasy Kingdoms with DC Pierson

This week on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show, Jeff talks to comedian/author/actor DC Pierson, whose new book Crap Kingdom is now for sale. They talk about being in commercials, The fantasy series The Red Wall, and then they each say the three fantasy worlds they would least like to live in, and the three fantasy worlds that they would most like to live in.

“That is what the commercial should have said: ‘Lots of cool design elements left over from when Guillermo Del Toro was doing it.’ That would have gotten me to the theatre.” - Jeff on how he thinks The Hobbit should have been marketed.

“I’ll put up with Voldemort, thats how much I want to go to Hogwarts. I know that someone is coming to kill me, but I don’t care.” - Jeff really wants to go to Hogwarts.

“Everyone they encounter lives in this really idyllic beautiful setting, maybe next to a pond with some Goldeens in it. They may have minor Pokemon-related problems, but really the worst thing that happens is that Tema Rocket shows up and ruins things for you. Mostly you are just on this beautiful grass-covered hill living in a big boot or something, and that is not even taking the actual Pokemon into account. No one is ever killed by a pokemon, the worst thing that happens is that you are blasted into the next county Team Rocket style.” — DC Pierson on why he want to live in the Pokemon World.

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The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Fantasy Kingdoms with […]