Here’s The Onion’s Report On the Quvenzhané Wallis Incident

The Onion detonated a C-bomb on 9-year-old actress Quvenzhané Wallis during the Oscars telecast, apologized the following morning, then waited a few days before the inevitable Onion article referencing it all. “Following one of the finest and most widely praised weeks in the history of The Onion, a new study published today found that the trusted news outlet has never been more popular, more admired, or more respected among Americans, with record numbers of readers saying the last five or six days in particular constitute a veritable high watermark for the company,” the story starts. From there you’ll get veiled references to The Tweet and a satirical closing line about the publication’s staff being unable to remember a better, more positive week of their lives.

Here’s The Onion’s Report on That Brutal Tweet