The Vine 5 Film Festival: Not You, Hitler

Vine is the cool new toy from Twitter that challenges users to make the most profound work ever committed to video in exactly six seconds. Or at the very least, challenges comedians to bring a little more laughter into this world. On Tuesdays we’ll be screening five of the funniest shorts of the past week, until Vine is abandoned for the next new thing.


By Marlo Meekins

Marlo spent the week giving her dogs (I’m presuming that they are her own dogs) starring roles in canine interpretations of Citizen Kane, Home Alone, and Back to the Future, but there is a certain something to this untitled film of two dogs wistfully looking out a window to that damn iconic Paula Cole song. Meekins asks us to consider that if dogs are capable enough to play poker, surely they have the capacity to dwell on a past of tastier bones and meatier tennis balls.

“A Razor Scooter Made Out of Razr Cellphones”

By Keeleyjams

Keeleyjams continues to post vines inspired by the more surrealistic segments from David Letterman and Conan O’Brien’s 12:35 shows. He’s been making the most out of Sex and the City cut-outs this week, as well as a used GAP sweatshirt previously owned by a restless spirit. It’s just too bad that Keeleyjams is already resorting to product integration.

“Hey Buddy #throw”

By Brody Stevens

To be honest, I don’t know why I find this so funny. I guess it’s because of Stevens’ delivery, or because my brain is trying to cope with repressed memories of throwing baseballs that led to failure in little league. Or my brain is too frustrated and worried after trying to figure out why there’s a statue of a child playing baseball in the first place.

“Secret Message”

By Trevor S

Trevor S shows us how subliminal Big Pharma can truly be. Either that or the pills themselves need medication, and “Secret Message” is an examination on the country’s over-dependence on prescription drugs. There is just no way to know which one for sure.

“Everybody Dance Now!”

By Eli Terry

In this vine Casper the Friendly Ghost’s fun cousin welcomes everybody to dance, but immediately has to retract the indiscriminatory invitation to tell that ironic shirt loving Hitler to beat it. What is it with Vine and dances taking majorly dark turns?

The Vine 5 Film Festival: Not You, Hitler