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The 7 Things We Learned From Tina Fey’s Episode of Inside the Actors Studio

Years at Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock had given Tina Fey perfect fodder for James Lipton to crown her “the smartest guest” he’s ever had. Here’s a quick and dirty rundown of what we learned from Tina Fey on Inside the Actors Studio last night:

1. Tina can do a hilarious Lorne Michaels impression.
2. Women should always have a bra on hand. Don’t be that braless staffer on 30 Rock. “Even if you feel like you don’t need it, just have it.”
3. No one respects a person who eats Lean Cuisines. It’ll catapult you into a no-man’s-land of “weak” women. Cheesy Blasters, on the other hand …
4. It’s okay to cry at work. “It often scares the shit out of people.”
5. It was Lorne Michaels’s doorman who pointed out Fey’s likeness to Sarah Palin.
6. Tina Fey can still do a damn good Sarah Palin impression, even when put right on the spot. (Lipton has a thing for interviewing guests in character.)
7. No Liz Lemonisms got love in James Lipton’s final questionnaire. However, “shit balls” made it in. It’s her favorite curse word. “You can almost use it in polite company.”

See all that and more in our video below.

Best of Tina Fey on Inside the Actors Studio