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Tina Fey Told a Photographer to F*ck Off Because of Taylor Swift

Actually, it was because of the photographer’s insistence on furthering an unwanted Fey-Swift beef and also because “fuck off” is the natural human reaction to a stranger’s camera in your face. (Maybe a friend’s camera, too.) But here’s how the incident went down: A paparazzo asked Tina Fey whether Taylor Swift overreacted with her now-famous “place in hell” quote. (For the record, Fey already answered a barrage of questions on this very topic, and she maintains that it was “just a joke.”) Fey smiled and said “Go fuck yourself.” The photographer kept trying to get a quote out of Fey, at which point she repeated, “You can go fuck yourself.” E! has since taken down the video, but you can watch the GIF (via BuzzFeed) below. It is certainly more flattering than the Bieber throwdown.

Tina Fey Told a Photographer to F*ck Off