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The Winners of the Tom Petty Haiku Contest Are …

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers perform at Royal Albert Hall.
Photo: Rune Hellestad/Corbis

Last week, we asked our readers to submit their best Tom Petty haikus for a chance to win two tickets to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers live at the Beacon Theatre. We got hundreds of submissions, many that displayed some serious die-hard fandom, but there could only be two winners.

But first, the runners-up:

Dance with Mary Jane -
She puts the “high” in Haiku.
[That joke was petty].

Heard “Breakdown,” hooked forever
Still hooked in ‘13

Rocks? Just a little.
Dances? Like a Welsh Witch do.
Back Down? In Your Dreams.

Hey Tom, it’s me Bob
Dylan, from the Wilburys rem-
-ember? Need tickets.

Lewis Carroll vibe,
Checkerboards on walls and floors,
Sitar – the ‘80s.

We held a contest/ For some Tom Petty tickets/ And the winners are …

B.F. Goodrich ad.  
Shattered hand. Record prices.
Arson. Won’t back down.

Youtubed ‘Free Fallin’
Autofill said ‘John Mayer’
I had a ragestroke

The Tom Petty Haiku Contest Winners Are …