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Tonight Show Smackdown: Jay Leno vs. Jimmy Fallon

All the Tonight Show rumors have been giving Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon plenty of material for their monologues, and last night was no exception. Both hosts are deflecting the zingers away from each other and toward NBC, so perhaps that dinner with NBC Entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt didn’t satisfy Jay, and maybe Jimmy’s olive branch phone call worked. Leno fired another direct hit at the network: “Are you all excited about March Madness?,” he began. “People talk about who’s in, who’s out, who’s going to be eliminated — and that’s just here at NBC!” And on Late Night, Jimmy Fallon brought up Conangate. But what did he mean? Is he empathizing with O’Brien? Listen to their punchlines in the video below, and judge for yourself.

Tonight Show Smackdown: Leno vs. Fallon