Vernon Chatman Wrote a Book, and Louis C.K. Wrote the Intro

Vernon Chatman, who runs the production company PFFR and has written and/or produced a list of shows a mile long that includes Wonder ShowzenSouth Park, and Louie, is releasing a new book next month called Mindsploitation: Asinine Assignments for Online Homework Cheating Industry. For the book, Chatman paid a bunch of online companies to write a series of absurd essays for him to test the limits of the homework-for-hire industry. Louis C.K., who met Chatman when they were both writing for The Chris Rock Show and recently hired him to produce Louie, wrote the intro to the book, and Matt Stone, John Hodgman, and Bill Hader all blurbed the back of the book. Mindsploitation comes out April 9th, but you can preorder it now. Here’s a book description via Amazon:

There are hundreds of online companies that will do your homework for you — at a price. But will they write ANY essay you request? Only the WORST of these horrible companies were employed in the composition of Mindsploitation. A GREAT DEAL of money was wasted ACROSS THE GLOBE to commission what may be the dumbest collection of ridiculous assignments in HUMAN HISTORY.What does it say about our society that we can buy a quick custom eulogy for our grandmother, or pay to have a love poem for a mistress prepared by a stranger at the click of a button? How entitled is a culture that keeps these services afloat? Mindsploitation uses such questions as a launching pad for wildly entertaining comedic exchanges. The 50 assignments in this book hilariously explore self-help, spirituality, family, health, diet, pop culture, love, and more.
Vernon Chatman Wrote a Book, and Louis C.K. Wrote the […]