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11 Things the Veronica Mars Movie Has to Have

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The Veronica Mars movie is happening. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true — once the movie’s Kickstarter reaches $2 million, consider the film in production. (There’s every reason to be optimistic: The fund-raiser has already brought in close to $1 million, and it’s only been online for a few hours.) [Update: It took less than eleven hours to reach $2 million.] Now that we have something to believe in, it’s time to make a wish list. Creator Rob Thomas has already promised to “include as many of your favorite characters as possible,” but we’re not taking any chances. Here’s everything we’re dying to see — and some things we’re hoping to avoid seeing — in VM: The Movie.

1. Veronica and Logan’s Magical Romance
It’s fine if they are not together at the beginning of the movie — though don’t you prefer a universe where they’ve been together this whole time? — so long as their true and abiding love triumphs by the end of the film.

2. Weevil, Wallace, and Mac
Veronica had other friends over the years, but these are the only three we care about. Sorry, Meg and Parker! You were kind of the worst!

3. No real mention of Beaver
Let’s not get back into the horrible bus-crash plot. It was tough enough while it was going on, and there’s no point in rehashing old wounds.

4. Vinnie Van Lowe

“Private eyes, watching you.” This is the best scene in the whole show, pretty much.

5. Deputy Leo
He’s probably not prominent enough to have a major role in the movie, but here’s hoping for a little shout-out, just so we know he’s having a happy life.

6. Cursing
So now that our favorite Neptunites are liberated from the confines of the UPN (those were the days!), that means they can curse. And be naked. We’ll settle for just the cursing, though.

7. More Rocky Horror References

Or at least some other subtle allusions.

8. Norris and Mandy
If the movie is indeed set at Veronica’s high-school reunion, we don’t just want to see Duncan and Dick. Norris was the guy with the sword collection who had a crush on Veronica in “Weapons of Class Destruction,” and Mandy was the sad dweeb whose dog had been kidnapped in “Hot Dogs.” Maybe Norris and Mandy fell in love and they watch Kurosawa films together and take care of strays.

9. Singing

Kristen Bell is a really accomplished singer. She should sing in the movie.

10. A Happy Story for Keith
He endured so much! And he’s such a good dad!

11. A Party Down reunion
Party Down was frequently a Veronica Mars reunion; it’s time to return the favor.

11 Things the Veronica Mars Movie Has to Have