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Video: The Wit and Witticism of Girls’ Shoshanna

Now that season two of HBO’s Girls is a wrap (and season-three casting is well under way), we learned that some of our characters needed the boys in their lives to come to their rescue — which we found a tad frustrating. But not Shoshanna. No, our Shosh — the youngest of the lot at 21-ish — put on her “big-girl pants” and told her man (sweetly) to skedaddle, Andy Kaufman cutout and all. Through all of her sped-up frantic thoughts and opinions, it turns out Shoshanna might have the clearest head of any of our characters. Watch our compilation of the wit and wisdom of Shoshanna Shapiro and, like, discover the meaning of life or something.

Video: Shoshanna Is Girls’ Wise Woman