Watch Amy Poehler Turn Fangirl Talking to Good Times and Facts of Life Writer Irma Kalish

In the next installment of Amy Poehler’s winning online interview series “Smart Girls at the Party,” Poehler gets positively giddy interviewing an idol: Irma Kalish, who became the first woman to be made producer (and eventually executive producer) of a television series with her work on Good Times. She was also the head writer of 227, executive producer of The Facts of Life, and a writer on dozens of other now-classic comedies that were appointment viewing in the Poehler household, including All in the Family, The Bob Newhart Show, I Dream of Jeannie, The Love Boat, and Maude. Vulture has your first look at the interview, which includes this exchange about Poehler’s favorite comedy, All in the Family: “Were the actors nice?” “The actors were nice … ” “You hesitated — who was your favorite?” “Norman Lear was my favorite.” Don’t forget to stay for the dance party.

Watch Amy Poehler Interview Her TV-Writer Idol