Watch an Exclusive Clip From The Nerdist in Which It’s Clear Everyone Mixes Up Hobbits and The Hobbit

Chris Hardwick, podcaster and host of AMC’s The Walking Dead aftershow Talking Dead, will explore even more facets of nerd-dom in his new talk show, The Nerdist, beginning Saturday at 10 p.m. on BBC America. In this exclusive clip from the show’s premiere episode, it’s confirmed that even Tolkienites can get mixed up when talking about hobbits. Guest Dominic Monaghan said crew members on Lord of the Rings were constantly mixing him up with Billy Boyd, who played Pippin to Monaghan’s Merry. “There were people who we’d been working with for, like, two years who didn’t know which one was Dom or Billy, so they’d call me Billydom,” he says. Even Hardwick gets confused when talking to the former hobbit about The Hobbit. Check it out in the clip below.

Watch The Nerdist Panel Mix Up The Hobbit, LOTR