Watch Ricky Gervais’s New Short Starring David Brent from ‘The Office’

When Ricky Gervais announced last month that he was reviving his Office character David Brent for a new short film, it seemed like an iffy proposition that could tarnish the legacy of the classic show. But it turns out the 10-minute short, entitled “The Return of Brent,” is actually pretty good. It picks up with Brent 10 years after The Office’s Christmas special finale to find him working in a new career as a rap producer. The short aired on the BBC during Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day Friday and is the first piece of original content to debut on Gervais’s YouTube channel. Although Gervais reprised his role as Brent on two episodes of the US Office in 2011, this is the first time he’s played the character in something he’s written since the UK version ended 10 years ago.

Hit the jump to watch David Brent’s anti-racist reggae song “Equality Street”:

Watch Ricky Gervais’s New Short Starring David Brent […]