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Girl Most Likely Trailer: Kristen Wiig Had a Meltdown

After Bridesmaids made a lot money and turned Kristen Wiig into a movie star, anticipation was high regarding what her next project would be. Instead of going straight for a big payday, Wiig used her newfound influence to push a passion project, Imogene, through development. The dramedy, which has since changed its name to Girl Most Likely, casts Wiig as a playwright who, after an elaborate fake suicide attempt, is put in the custody of her mother (Annette Bening). Matt Dillon is there as the mother’s boyfriend, “George Bousche.” And Darren Criss plays the young, Backstreet Boy–covering apple of Imogene’s eye. The film is set to premiere with a limited release on July 19. You won’t learn how to speak Dutch.

Watch Wiig in the Trailer for Girl Most Likely