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7 Things That Better Be in the Finding Nemo Sequel

(Pictured) DORY. Photo: Pixar/Disney

We finally know what the Finding Nemo sequel will be about: It’s Finding Dory, and it’s about Dory finding her (equally forgetful?) family. But Dory’s not the only marine creature we want to see again. She’s just one of many Finding Nemo characters we hope make appearances.

A whale, duh.

Dory speaks whale. You can’t waste a talent like that.


You guys made me ink! Love you, Pearl.

Mr. Ray

Oooh, let’s name the zones, the zones, the zones. Maybe he could help Dory draw herself a map or something.

Crush and Squirt

They call her “Little Blue.”


I am ashamed.


He’s helpful!


Some Pixar movies have “bloopers” at the end, and it’s the best. (Monsters, Inc.’s are particularly great.) Sadly, Finding Nemo did not have any outtakes, which is a real shame. Right this wrong, Pixar!

7 Things That Need to Be in Finding Nemo Sequel