AMC Developing a ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff Starring Bob Odenkirk

With Breaking Bad set to end its run with an eight-episode final season this summer, the people behind the show are looking to extend one of its most popular characters beyond the season finale: Bob Odenkirk’s sleazebag lawyer Saul Goodman. Deadline reports that AMC and Sony TV are working with Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and writer Peter Gould, who wrote the Season 2 episode in which Saul first appeared, to develop a show based around Saul Goodman. Last year, Gilligan and Odenkirk each said they’d be interested in doing a spinoff, but this is the first official word on such a project. There’s no deal in place yet, and everyone involved is just exploring the option of making a spinoff at this point, but the fact that everyone is mulling this over means it could very well end up happening. The spinoff would be either a 30-minute or 60-minute comedy revolving around Odenkirk, which sounds pretty spectacular in and of itself. With Breaking Bad writers scripting the hypothetical show and a reliably hilarious character at its core, it sounds even better.

AMC Developing a ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff Starring Bob […]