the saddest police officer in the world

Another Day, Another Bewildering Justin Bieber Photo

As if yesterday’s double-zippered onesie, fedora-atop-a-ski-mask, utterly confounding photo of the tragic teen that is Justin Bieber wasn’t enough, another picture from Bieb’s Scandanavia trip had us equally confused — but this one also left us feeling a little melancholy. Justin is ostensibly the center of this photo, stepping up into his luxury bus, clad head-to-toe in a bright-red onesie with matching sneakers. And yet the eye is drawn to the Swedish police officer in the foreground, and you wonder if someone Photoshopped out a single tear running down her cheek.

Photo: IBL/Rex / Rex USA/Rex USA

Yes, it is possible that is an “all business” expression of a professional law-enforcement officer. But isn’t there some regret and shame there? Traces of “All of that police training, all of those drills … and this is what I’m doing.” Have we finally found someone we’re worried about slightly more than the tragic teen? Can someone find this woman and promise her she’ll never have to see another Canadian teen ever again, or maybe find her a mugging to stop to give her a sense of purpose back? Or maybe just get her tickets to that night’s Bieber show — wait, is that what’s got her down?

Another Day, Another Insane Justin Bieber Photo