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Would Aubrey Plaza’s MTV Stage Crash Be More or Less Weird If It Wasn’t Planned?

The moment Will Ferrell began accepting his Comedy Genius award at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, you may or may not have noticed Parks and Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza rushing the stage like a mumblecore Kanye West. She tried prying Ferrell’s golden popcorn away, said a single word, and headed straight back to her seat. Will Ferrell seemed genuinely concerned about her well-being before snapping out a quick, “Aubrey Plaza, everyone — just like we rehearsed it.” Did they rehearse it? Did they not rehearse it? Are you thinking about Aubrey Plaza’s new movie now? Did the hashtag she painted on herself help? Have you ever crashed a stage before? Did you rehearse it?

Aubrey Plaza’s MTV Stage Crash: Planned or Not?