Steve Buscemi Is Still Doing Funny Things With Vampire Weekend

A few weeks back, Steve Buscemi marched in the New York City Easter Parade with Vampire Weekend — an enjoyable stunt that turned out to be a (vague) promotion for the concert webcast Buscemi will direct later this month. Happily, that webcast still needs promoting, and so now Steve Buscemi is making sketch videos with Vampire Weekend. Please now enjoy this first episode, in which Buscemi attempts to sing backup vocals and demands a decoder for the band’s references. (“Don’t get me wrong — sometimes I think I know what they mean, or I’m listening to the lyrics and then you go ‘Peter Gabriel, too’ or, uh, ‘Louis Vuitton’ out of nowhere, and I’m lost.”) Bring Buscemi on tour; this is funny.

Buscemi Made a Funny Video With Vampire Weekend