convenient timing

It’s Chris Brown Apology Week, Also Known As ‘Chris Brown Has a New Album’ Week

This morning, Chris Brown sat down for a jovial, uncharacteristically candid — with respect to the Rihanna assault — interview on the Today show, just as the first single off his upcoming album was released into the world. The timing is so obvious that Matt Lauer himself pointed it out in the interview: “There are skeptics out there who are gonna say, well he’s a changed man because he’s out there selling a new album.” There sure are! But no amount of Instagram or bottle-fight shaming could push Chris Brown off his message, which was “What I did was totally wrong.” Brown said it twice, even, along with some well-rehearsed speech about his domestic-abuse counseling and how everything is between him and Rihanna. No chairs were thrown through windows, which is a win as far as Chris Brown Morning Show Appearances go. But yeah, it’s hard to look past the scheduling on this one.

Update: For less-apologetic Chris Brown fare, we would direct you to this recent Hot97 interview, in which he gives the following quote about Rihanna and Drake: ““I don’t really try to talk about him when I’m around her. I just lay the pipe.” There’s more.

It’s Chris Brown Apology Week