Clark Duke Wants to Revisit ‘Clark and Michael’ with a Special

Just after Arrested Development ended in 2006, Michael Cera and his buddy Clark Duke made a web series for CBS called Clark and Michael. Now that Cera has returned to web videos as part of the new YouTube channel JASH, Clark Duke was asked during a recent Nerdist interview about the possibility of reviving Clark and Michael for JASH or the internet at large. Here’s Duke’s response:

I don’t know. You know, Eric Wareheim [also of JASH] has been on The Office a couple of times this season, and I was talking to him about it the other day. I haven’t talked to Mike about it at all. He had mentioned the JASH thing to me a few weeks ago and I told him I had an idea for a short I wanted to make, but, I don’t know, it’d be a pretty good platform for it, I guess. I don’t know that I’d want to do another whole series of it, but I definitely think you could do a special, the way The Office or Extras have the Christmas specials…. It would be so dark! It would be so dark I don’t think people would want to see it.

Clark and Michael was a funny web series and a super dark one-off special seems like a great way to sequelize it. While this seems to just be an idea that Clark Duke had and hasn’t looked into, let’s hope Michael Cera likes that idea and the two make it happen. If the internet isn’t being used to make dark one-off sequels to 6-year-old web series, than its resources are being wasted.

Clark Duke Wants to Revisit ‘Clark and Michael’ with a […]