Comedy Central Wouldn’t Let Nathan Fielder Strap Himself to the Front of a Plane

Comedy Central’s Nathan for You has been one of the funniest and most inventive new series of the year, thanks largely to the clever stunts star Nathan Fielder attempts each episode. THR has a profile with Fielder out this week in which he discusses a big crazy stunt Comedy Central wouldn’t let him do. He wanted to strap himself to a plane to promote the show, Fielder explains:

I wanted to do a stunt to market my own show, where I strap myself to the outside front of a 737 for a flight from LAX to Burbank, like a short haul thing, and get all the media there to cover it. We had an entertaining twist set up for it.But Comedy Central just literally looked at me like I was insane when I said it. We had a very clear plan, we looked at how much it would cost, we could get for $60,000 a 737 to do a short flight. We had a way to make it safe… But I was looked at like I was insane.

Hopefully, Fielder will get his wish and Comedy Central will let him strap himself to the front of a plane for next season (if the show gets renewed, which it totally should).

Comedy Central Wouldn’t Let Nathan Fielder Strap […]