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Last Night on Late Night: Best of Walking Dead Merle’s Ambush on Conan

On Atlanta night No. 2 for Conan, the Walking Dead’s Merle stormed back from the dead, knife still in hand, to seek refuge from the city’s zombies at the theater — only to conclude Andy Richter’s corny joke was worse than the apocalypse. And he took the initiative to “finally get some action” as he grabbed a female audience member. Human kill count: 2. Plus: Now that Jimmy Fallon’s deal has been inked with NBC, what will Jay Leno do? First, there was that “Tonight, Tonight” duet, and last night, Jay had a cameo on a fake scene of Days of Our Lives (per audience request), so maybe a musical film like Les Misérables? Also, Brian Fantana Paul Rudd psyched Conan out, yet again, with a sneak peek at Anchorman 2; and to satisfy our annihilative Breaking Bad nostalgia, Giancarlo Esposito reenacted going Method and striking fear in Vince Gilligan during a chat about Gustavo Fring’s death. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Walking Dead’s Merle Ambushed Conan