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Watch Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Get the Ultimate Slow Clap

Last night, Daenerys took possession of an army of Unsullied slaves and made an inspiring speech to rally them to her cause as free men. At first it looked like they weren’t into the idea, receiving the offer in cool testicle-free silence, but then it happened: One Unsullied started the slow clap, and, as slow claps do, it built and built into a rousing rumble of approval. (Okay, technically it was a slow sword-stomp, but the sentiment was the same.) So impressive was this dragon-wielding underdog’s speech that slow clappers from movie history dusted off their mitts and joined in. Watch as the applauders from Rudy, Hoosiers, Cool Runnings, and more help the Unsullied give the ultimate slow clap.

Daenerys Gets the Slow Clap on Game of Thrones