Danny McBride Talks ‘Eastbound & Down’ Season 4 and the Possibility of Season 5

It came as a surprise last year when Danny McBride and his Eastbound & Down co-creator Jody Hill signed on for a fourth season after they had always planned to end the HBO series after three. When speaking to Collider this weekend, McBride revealed that they’re writing the new season now and that it begins filming this May. He summed Season 4 up by saying, “The theme of this is basically what happens to the hero after he rides off into the sunset.  That’s kind of where we’re starting this season.”

While the Season 4 renewal was unexpected, McBride says he and Jody Hill will most likely be moving on afterwards and may return for a Season 5 years down the line:

“We said that the last season was our last season, and we came back for one … maybe one day we’d come back and do another one, but the main reason Jody and I would like to be done with it is there’s other stuff, other characters we’d like to explore. Other stories we want to tell. That really is the main motivator. It’s not because we’re over the material. For now, I think we just want to try something new.”

McBride also discussed what made him and McBride return for another season:

“We were kind of ready to be done with it after the third season, but then after we didn’t really shut the door on it and HBO wanted us to do more, we looked at each other like, ‘Well, this is actually a really fun gig.’ We dig this. We dig our fans, and we actually had ideas for what we would do if we were gonna do it more. So, we’re stoked. It’s cool. It’s another chance to get a bonus round with Kenny Powers.”
Danny McBride Talks ‘Eastbound & Down’ Season 4 and […]