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See for Yourself: Young Don Draper and Young Michael Bluth Are the Same Person

Photo: AMC

Recognize Brandon Killham? Perhaps not. You might, however, see something familiar if you picture his face through a blurry lens, shrouded in the cliché of a flashback. That’s because Killham has already made an impressive career playing the younger selves of quite a few of TV’s leading men. Does he actually look like these projected older versions? See for yourself.

On last night’s Mad Men, Killham played “Young Dick” (a role he’s played before) and, with an awful, awful haircut, through a keyhole proceeded to spy on his “uncle” fooling around with his mother.

Photo: AMC

During Arrested Development’s season three, a slightly younger Killham played “Young Michael Bluth.” His hairstyle? A bowl cut, but slightly better than above.

An even younger Killham played Brian Moser, a.k.a. Rudy Cooper a.k.a. the Ice Truck Killer, on Dexter. A serial killer, yes, but his haircut? Absolutely adorable.

Don Draper and Michael Bluth Are the Same Person