Elton John and Madonna Are Friends Again

Photo: TAL COHEN/Corbis

It’s been a while since we heard about the ongoing feud between Madonna and Elton John, and now we know why. As it turns out, the dramatic pair took some time to patch up their relationship. In an interview with Extra, John shrugged off his much-documented public sniping with the Material Girl, saying that the whole mess is “over and done with.” Here’s how it went down:

“We were in a restaurant in France in the summertime. She came in, and I sent over a note. She was very gracious. I apologized profusely because what I said should never have appeared in public. She accepted our apology, and then we bought her dinner …”

So there you have it, there’s nothing a nice note, dinner in France, and summer sunshine can’t fix. Take note, Idol judges.