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Is Emma Watson the Anti–Taylor Swift at Awards Shows?

Despite being presented with the MTV Movie Awards version of an award-for-merely-showing-up, Emma Watson still managed to accept her achievement for “MTV Trailblazer” with the utmost humility. She came off extraordinarily grateful, which is hard to pull off when it’s a sham award whose trophy one could imagine leaving behind at a party and never once thinking, Oh, I should send someone back for that. Let her real-seeming behavior be a tutorial for other starlets of her generation often accused of appearing less-than-genuine or suspiciously overdramatic when called to a podium for arguably more credible celebrations. (Ahem, Taylor Swift.) How does Watson do it? Is it all a performance that promises fine work in her upcoming film The Bling Ring? Or just a rare actress who has somehow avoided an ego, despite being in the spotlight since the age of 10?

Exhibit A: A brief clap segued into humble prayer hands.

Exhibit B: A disbelieving head shake.

Exhibit C: Diagonal eyebrows and deep knee-bend.

Is Emma Watson the Anti–Taylor Swift?