Watch an Exclusive First Look at Inside Amy Schumer

“You’re a cunt” is how the exclusive first look at Inside Amy Schumer starts, and it’s perfectly appropriate. Stand-up Amy Schumer has made a name for herself as a comedian that never pulls a punch, so it should be no surprise her new show would be the same. The show, which premieres on April 30 on Comedy Central, blends sketch, stand-up, and man-on-the-street, all with Schumer’s mixture of filthiness and sweetness. In the clip, Schumer loses her arms, farts, objectifies potential gang-bangers, compares cirrhosis to AIDS, and wants to crawl into a woman’s vagina so she can be birthed by her. Needless to say, the clip is pretty NSFW, you know, depending on your work’s stance on bad language and images of dudes in robes and towels waiting to have sex with the same person.

An Exclusive First Look at Inside Amy Schumer