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Last Night on Late Night: Jimmy Fallon Grew a Tree From a Lemon Keith Richards Had Autographed

Last night on Late Night, Jimmy Fallon won the superlative in adorkable, fanboy love for Keith Richards. While some die-hard fans get tattoos of their idols on their forehead, Fallon makes sure the satisfaction behind the memento (an autographed lemon) ripens (into preserves prepared by Mario Batali), and sprouts new life (as a foot-tall sapling). And in nineteen years, that life will come around full circle with the germination of a lemon. Plus: An old clip from Troll bit Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the butt, and for the embarrassment, she called Jay Leno an “asshole” (not that he cares anymore); and Adam Sandler voiced what we’d all been thinking — Where the hell had Conan been hiding those abs of steel all these years?? Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Fallon Grew a Tree From Keith Richards’s Lemon