Forget Retirement, Morrissey’s Ready to Hit the Road Again

Morrissey in concert at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney
Morrissey in concert at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney Photo: Bob King/(C)2012 {Bob King}, all rights reserved

Morrissey’s most recent North American tour didn’t really go as planned. There were postponements due to health issues, the hubbub about whether or not the Staples Center would go completely vegetarian for the singer’s performance, and a feud with Jimmy Kimmel and the cast of Duck Dynasty. And if things weren’t rocky enough, the former Smiths front man was then forced to cancel a huge chunk of the seemingly cursed tour due to continuing “medical reasons.” It was all bad enough to make Moz tell a Mexican radio station that he just might have to expedite his planned 2014 retirement. Fortunately for fans of the singer, it looks as if that won’t be the case, as he’s now gone ahead and announced plans to tour Mexico and South America in June and July, according to official fan site True to You. And, just for the hell of it, and in case anyone thought his recent health scares may have softened his resolve a bit, the site also notes that he recently turned down not one but two crews looking to talk to him for documentaries about the Smiths. Hey, Morrissey may be dramatic, but at least he’s also consistent.

Forget Retirement, Morrissey Ready to Tour Again