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Last Night on Late Night: Gary Busey’s Fake Audition Reel for the Real Mars Reality TV Show

Last night on Live, Jimmy Kimmel aired Gary Busey’s too-good-to-be-fake audition tape for Mars One, a nonprofit organization that plans to fund human settlement on Mars by way of reality TV. Aside from the obvious wackiness, what would make Busey a great candidate for the show? Interplanetary psychology tips gleaned from personal experience. “I don’t let anything get me down because I’m positive,” he pronounced. “If you’re not positive, don’t go to Mars because you get trapped in your own eating habits.” Plus: Julia Louis-Dreyfus explained how the Joe Biden joke came to be. “He left the room for a second, and one of his staff [possibly the real-life equivalent of Dan? Sue? Gary? Apparently, that’s how the West Wing staff had introduced themselves to JLD] said, ‘Go behind his desk’ … and I was sitting there, and [Joe Biden] came back … I said ‘Hey, Joe,’ and he pretended, he started giving me papers as if he were working for me.” Also, Eva Mendes brought out a surprise mariachi party for Conan’s birthday. Happy 50th, Coco! Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Gary Busey’s Audition for Mars Reality TV Show