Greatest Event in Television History Sequel to Star Adam Scott and Amy Poehler

Photo: Adult Swim

Last fall, Adam Scott and Jon Hamm starred in The Greatest Event in Television History, which involved the duo doing God’s work, a.k.a. re-creating shot-for-shot the amazing/insane opening credits to the TV show Simon & Simon. It was the greatest. We knew Adam Scott had plans to do more similar events, and last night on Fallon, he announced some details. It will air on Adult Swim on June 6 and star Amy Poehler and Horatio Sanz. He shared that it will be re-creating the trailer of an hour-long show, but he wouldn’t say which “because of very strict rules that [he] made up.” Any guesses on what show they’ll use or if they’ll call this one The Greaterest Event in Television History?

Greatest Event Sequel to Star Scott and Poehler