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Last Night on Late Night: Harrison Ford Cursed Out an Apologetic Chewbacca

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Harrison Ford fielded questions from the audience under the explicit instruction that they not mention Star Wars. And so “Luke Skywalker” reluctantly asked if the actor liked being in movies (“Yes”); “Princes Leia” asked if he was hungry (“No); and Chewbacca wanted to apologize for sleeping with Han Solo’s wife, but Harrison Ford was in no mood to forgive. “You Wookie sack of shit!,” he yelled before storming offstage. Plus: During a Q&A about her double mastectomy, Tig Notaro put Conan on hold three times: first to check on an incoming text, then to look at the cute kitty picture her friend had sent; and then finally (and hysterically) to call her friend to resend the photo. Conan, you’ve been served. And with such an elegant execution of sarcasm. Also, Alan Cumming coyly whispered obscenities into Stephen Colbert’s ear in reference to the Macbeth superstition, and Ricky Gervais thanked all the stupid people of the Twitterverse for providing entertainment in the comforts of his mansion. You have saved him many a trip to prison. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Harrison Ford Cursed Out Chewbacca