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Is Hemlock Grove’s Werewolf Transformation the Most Disgusting One Ever?

If you were among the many, many Netflix subscribers who tuned in to watch all of Hemlock Grove’s thirteen episodes a few weekends ago (and according to Netflix, there were more of you than we thought), you might’ve felt executive producer Eli Roth’s gore-filled influence on one particular moment: the werewolf transformation. Sadly, you only get to see it once, despite the show revolving around werewolf doings. How does it compare to similar moments from werewolf stories of yore?

Step one: Your eyeballs fall out.

Step two: Your back splits apart.

Step three: Claws rip through your hands.

Step four: Your face opens up and a snout emerges.

Step five: You eat your own remains.

The most disgusting transformation to date? You be the judge:

How Gross Is Hemlock Grove’s Werewolf Change?