Here Are All the Pieces from Gallery 1988’s ‘SNL’ Art Show

Gallery 1988, Katie Cromwell and Jensen Karp’s LA-based pop culture art gallery, unveiled an SNL-themed art show this weekend, featuring over 80 pieces inspired from the show by various artists. The exhibit is open until April 20th and all of the art showcased in it is available for purchase online via Gallery 1988. Covering the show’s entire history, from “Land Shark” to “Django Uncrossed,” it’s a fun look back at the SNL’s more popular sketches. We’ve gathered all the pieces below, including the absurd amount of “Toonces, the Driving Cat” art the show features. Enjoy!

Darin Shock “1980-1984”

Dave Perillo “A Character Piece”

Glen Brogan “Stefan”

Graham Curran “Banished”

Irma Rivera “Mom Jeans”

JoKa “It’s Gumby Damn It!”

Joey Spiotto “Schwing!”

Tyler Jacobs “Dieters Traum (Dieter’s Dream)”

Toddbot “Wayne’s World”

Toddbot “Land Shark”

Toddbot “Dooneese”

Toddbot “Church Lady”

Tara Krebs “Superstar”

Ryan Milner “Mephistopheles”

Ryan Hall “The Madonna Dream”

Ryan Berkley “He Can Drive, Just Not Very Well”

Ryan Berkley “Colonel Angus”

Rob Loukotka “We’re on a Mission from God”

Ridge “Toonces, The Driving Cat”

Rich Pellegrino “Wayne”

Priscilla Wilson “New York’s Hottest Club is…”

Philip Tseng “Laser Cats”

Paul Palcko “Wookin’ Pa Nub”

Oliver Barrett “Would You Care For Some Combos”

Oliver Barrett “Suck-It-Trebek”

Oliver Barrett “Pralines and Dick”

Oliver Barrett “Gold Plated Diapers”

Oliver Barrett “Famous Titles”

Oliver Barrett “A Sphincter Says What”

Nicole Guice “WANTED: Tony and Anthony Peter Coleman. SNL 2012. Puppet Class.”

Nick Comparone “Party On, Wayne”

Nick Comparone “Party On, Garth”

Nan Lawson “Harry Caray”

Munk One “With All By Myself”

Monster Factory “A monster named Land Shark”

Miranda Dressler “The Continental”

Mick Minogue “Sinead”

Matt Leunig “Game On”

Kirk Demarais “Self Portrait”

Ken Garduno “BBQ RIBS”

Keith Noordzy “Otay!”

Julia Vickerman “Debbie Downer”

Jude Buffum “Janet Reno’s Dance Dance Party”

Jon Defreest “The Driving Cat”

Joe Van Wetering “Hurricane Ditka”

Joe Scarano “Irwin Mainway Jr., Heir to an unfortunate empire”

Jayson Weidel “Loverboys”

Jason Marz “New York’s hottest club is UHHNNNH”

Jason Liwag “There’s No Beating My Balls”

James Gilleard “Mr. Tarkanian”

Isaac Bidwell “Djesus Uncrossed”

Glen Brogan “The Continental”

Glen Brogan “Farmer Fey”

Geoff Trapp “Matt”

Eric Price “Motivation”

Doug LaRocca “Laser Cats”

Drew Falchetta “El Nino Is Spanish for … The Nino”

Derek Eads “It’s Always Something”

Dave Quiggle “Church Lady”

Dave Pryor “Red Track Suit”

Dan Goodsell “Two Wild and Crazy Guys”

Cuyler Smith “Pat”

Cuyler Smith “Matt Foley”

Cuyler Smith “Gene Frenkle”

Cuyler Smith “Craig The Cheerleader”

Cuyler Smith “Chippendale”

Cuyler Smith “Canteen Boy”

Clinton Reno “Now is ze time on Sprockets vhen ve dance”

Casey Weldon “Schwing”

Bruce Yan “Toonces The Driving Cat”

Brad Hill “Sloppy , Sloppy Joes”

Blain Hefner “Season’s Greetings From Tonto, Tarzan & Frankenstein”

Bill Main “Laser Cats”

Ben Bouchet “Every Saturday Night on NBC”

Basemint Design “Suck It Trebek”

Augie Pagan “The Incredible Belushi”

Andrew Heath “Barney”

Aaron Sechrist “Matt Foley: The Van Down By The River”

Aaron Jasinski “Red Hooded Sweatshirts”

Here Are All the Pieces from Gallery 1988’s ‘SNL’ Art […]