could i beee drinking anymore coffee

Research Shows the Friends Friends Drank Enough Caffeine to Kill a Lot of People

Photo: Warner Bros.

Remember how the Friends friends would always hang out at Central Perk and that seemed nice and more healthy than always being at the bar or da club? Well, maybe it wasn’t so healthy, says Scientific American. Their blog analyzed exactly how much java the gang drank throughout the series and found it was a deadly amount, kind of. First they assumed they each drank two of their giant, twenty-ounce cups of coffee an episode. Over the 236 episodes, that would be 445 gallons of coffee, which would have contained three pounds of caffeine. Based on the data on caffeine overdose, that is enough to kill about 300 people (if consumed all at once, of course). Gunther, there is blood (and coffee grounds) on your hands.

How Deadly Was Friends’ Coffee Consumption?