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Let’s Overanalyze the New Catching Fire Trailer!

Gather round, Hunger Games enthusiasts and Jennifer Lawrence converts, for the Catching Fire trailer debuted during last night’s MTV Movie Awards. And what does Vulture do when a trailer for a teen-adjacent blockbuster makes its way into the world? We get extremely detail-oriented. Please join us now for a special YA edition of the Trailer Mix Freak-Out society; make-out GIFs are involved.

Can we get a District 12 spinoff, please?
Only the first third of Catching Fire made its way into this trailer, and with good reason — the rebellion rumors and Katniss’s Peeta/Gale debate is way more interesting than the Hunger Games rehash that follows. We’d also argue that the district scenes were the most compelling parts of the first movie (and not just because of Gale, though Gale helps). So could we get more of the District action? We’d even watch a documentary about the other districts. We know so little! Suzanne Collins, where is your prequel?

What, no Finnick?
As evidenced above, we understand why: This trailer keeps to the introductory stuff, and Finnick doesn’t show up until the Quell. But focusing on the early chapters means no Finnick, and Finnick is Catching Fire’s dreamboat, so this is mildly disappointing.

Are you allowed to do this to an Oscar winner?
We know it’s in the book, but again, this is one of those moments that gets a lot more jarring onscreen. Especially without the shaky cam.

Plutarch Heavensbee’s plan is a little more obvious when he says it out loud.
No shots to Philip Seymour-Hoffman or his acting, but can you guess what he’s up to based on this tea conversation? Right.

Stanley Tucci is a national treasure.
Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence is not catching any hairstyle breaks in 2013.

Make-out alert! Make-out alert!
Sincere apologies for the poor lighting on this one. (Not that we had anything to do with the lighting, but still. Vulture feels your pain.)

Let’s Overanalyze the New Catching Fire Trailer!